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Change Management Course Outline

1. Change management overview

  • Develop compelling answers to the question “Why change management?”

  • Explore the connection between effectively applying change management and achieving business results

  • Gain new insights by reviewing Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management Report


2. Change concepts

  • Develop your understanding of seven fundamental change concepts


3. Change management process

  • Learn the benefits of using a structured approach to support individual and organizational change

  • Apply the Prosci ADKAR model to support individual change

  • Understand how to use the Prosci 3-phase change management process to support organizational change


4. Preparing for change

  • Define the change management strategy for your change project

  • Identify the change management team structure required to support the project

  • Develop the sponsorship model necessary to ensure successful implementation of the change


5. Managing change

   Begin developing five change management plans for your project:

  • Communication plan

  • Sponsor roadmap

  • Coaching plan

  • Resistance management plan

  • Training plan


6. Reinforcing change

  • Understand how to collect and analyze feedback to assess implementation success

  • Learn how to diagnose gaps and manage resistance to the change

  • Understand the importance of taking corrective action and celebrating successes


7. Next steps

  • Identify the next steps to apply your change management strategy and plans

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